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Hi & a warm welcome to our website!  We are two mad Aussie buddies who are passionate & completely addicted to bear collecting.  We hope to share with you our pleasure & delight in this fascinating journey back to our childhood.

Down here we are referred to as "Double~Trouble" but our real names are Lana & Cheryl! (to the more serious!).

Lana, (the more restrained???) is of German background & grew up with Steiffs etc, so expects to be kept in what she is accustomed too.  Lana has collected bears since childhood.

Cheryl, (the compulsive one) is a newer collector, but catches up fast!.  Believe me, she is passionate!

We specialise in collectable old teddy bears such as Steiff, Bing Hermann, Farnell, Chad Valley, Chiltern and Merrythought.  Then there are the Aussie bears, Joy Toys, Emil, Fideston & Berlex to name a few.  The US bears such as, Ideal and Hecla are some of our favorites too.

Please feel free to contact us for that "special" bear that you are looking for.

We both also love restoring bears in need of help & gladly offer this service to you.


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